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Zwilling Enfinigy Silver 12-Cup Glass Drip Coffee Maker

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Treat yourself and your close ones to café-quality coffee at home. The Zwilling Enfinigy Silver 12-Cup Glass Drip Coffee Maker stands out from regular drip coffee makers with its high-temperature stainless-steel boiler, integrated shower head and unique blooming function, brewing coffee with a smoother taste and intensified aroma. Plus, a special drip circulator ensures optimal coffee circulation as it drips into the carafe. Awarded the highest Golden Cup Standard prize for home brewers by the Specialty Coffee Association.
  • Length: 6.02"
  • Width: 12.80"
  • Height: 13.70"
  • Capacity: 1.59 qt.
Care Instructions
  • Hand wash only.
Manufacturers Warranty
  • 5-year manufacturer's breakage warranty.
  • Stainless steel, Glass

Full-bodied flavor

Blooming is an important step in the brewing process. If the blooming function is switched on, the shower head will moisten the coffee grounds to release carbon dioxide before brewing and extract maximum flavor and aroma.

Morning ritual

The timer feature lets you set brewing time in advance, so you can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee every day. No need to rush your routine – the keep warm function will ensure the hotplate stays on for 30 minutes after brewing.

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Back in 1731, Peter Henckels had the idea to register the Zwilling trademark with the Cutler’s Guild of Solingen, Germany. A brilliant idea because that makes Zwilling one of the oldest brands in the world today. Imagine a 292-year-old brand and a modern, forward thinking company that is all about future cooking trends and technologies. That's Zwilling! Thanks to a long tradition and ever-increasing range of products, Zwilling has the know-how to keep inspiring consumers, even after all these years.

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